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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's getting really real

Since we got engaged, Jay, our parents, and I have all been teasing each other by asking "so, does it feel real?" after we do something wedding-related. Buying my dress was when it started to feel real for me, and for Jay, the "real moment" was when we started playing with the scanning gun at Target.

But, with 15 days to go, things got really real when we went to apply for our marriage license.

And yes, I was feeling lame enough to insist on this photo.
As a side note, our county courthouse is really beautiful. I made Jay head up all the way up to the top floor to look at the architecture and artwork.

The Forge of Vulcan, aka Youngstown Steel Mills.

Lanternman's Mill
The rotunda is decorated with the names of the municipalities in the county.
Sadly, we didn't have a legit reason to wander into any of the courtrooms, where there are murals of different places around the county.

Yesterday morning, with our five-day waiting period officially over, Jay went back and picked up our license packet.
Thanks, Judge Belinky!

We had needed our birth certificates to get the license, and I always get a good laugh out of comparing them. Because Jay was born in India, most of his is devoted to proving his parents' citizenship--and it's signed by the Vice Consul!

I'm just relieved that tomorrow we can hand our packet off to Fr. Maturi and ensure that our marriage is well and truly legit.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One of my favorite things:

Seeing my new last name in print.

(I got a Hallmark membership card, and decided to just give them the new name since I'd probably have a heck of a time getting it changed).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Henna Experiment

One thing about the wedding rehearsal that I'm especially looking forward to is the Mhendi. Early in the afternoon, the bridesmaids and any other women coming in from out of town will meet up at the Welches' to decorate our hands with henna.

I love the Mhendi--it was one of my favorite parts of Rus and Heidi's wedding. All the women get to sit and talk....

...and the end result is beautiful:

(c) StudioBash

The only downside of the Mhendi is that we have a limited number of women who can  really work with henna and a large number of girls who want to wear it. To make things easier on everyone, Mama Peg suggested that we try using henna stencils.

I wasn't 100% sure how the stenciled henna would turn out, so I tried it for myself. I made a cheater batch of henna (I didn't let the paste "mature" and I only kept it on for about 30 minutes) and tried one out.

 The stencil didn't actually fit, so I wrapped the thumb piece around my hand to keep it secure.

Here's the design after I removed the stencil, but before I scraped off the henna. I think that it would've looked a lot better if someone else had put the henna over the stencil, but I'm not sold. I'm not wild about the henna staining the negative space of the design.

BUT, the stencils are unbelievably easy to use.  No denying that. Maybe I just need to find a stencil design that I like.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower

I'm pretty late in talking about my super pre-wedding weekend, but I've been working on my teaching applications, non-teaching job applications, and unpacking, organizing, and repacking all my crap.

But, back in June, my bridesmaids (with major help from our family friend Cathy) threw me a bachelorette party and wedding shower. My bachelorette party ended up being pretty low-key, but I loved it. Originally, Sara and Heidi had worked on taking me to a nightclub for a drag show. Unfortunately, the best night for the party ended up being a "no show" night at the club. We talked about going dancing after dinner, but since I managed to sprain my ankle (falling five inches off of our back deck) the night before, I wasn't really in the mood.

We ended up being served an amazing multi-course dinner by Heidi's husband. Jay went out and picked up wines to go with the meal and Rus picked a few more that paired better with his dishes. After we ate, we sat talking under a canopy of party lights before moving to the fire pit. It may not have been the crazy, wild night that Sara threatened, but I really loved being able to catch up with my far-flung best friends (minus Nicky, who we totally owe a night of wine and cheese!) and sisters.

The next afternoon, I met up with the girls at Cathy's house for the shower. I was so happy to see more of my friends, many of my mom's friends, my Grammy, and my fabulous aunts:

And I was only forced into one crazy party game!

Jay stopped by to help open presents to be, by turns, sweet and ridiculous.

I was so excited to see all three of my "dance sisters:" Cristina, Miranda, and Juliana.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend.

PS--Love these girls:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Aenigma Colatur

I'm interrupting the wedding updates to bring you this other, life-altering news:

I graduated! With both of my degrees!

Jan Hodson summed it up pretty well at the HTC Graduate Dinner:

So, in brief:
  1. I passed both my Praxis II exams (I actually did this last July, but my score reports were lost in the mail during my move).
  2. I convinced the College of Eduaction that English Lit tutorials are, in fact, English classes, thus finishing the course requirements for my ILA degree.
  3. I spent eight weeks teaching the best group of tenth graders I've ever met (other than my sister of course).
  4. I wrote my thesis examining the development of feminism in young adult literature--and you can read it here: http://etd.ohiolink.edu/view.cgi?acc_num=ouhonors1307377432
I feel like this post has much, much more bragging in it than I'd like, but I'm just so relieved to have finished all my coursework! Now, if only the university would send me my real diplomas...

(We return to the scene of the proposal!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers Bring More Fittings

Early in April, I drove back to Youngstown (and on to Niles) to pick up my altered dress.

Love it!

Then, for most of April, I had to put wedding plans on the back burner while I started my student teaching. This past weekend, I was back in town for Vijay's senior thesis premier and wrap party. On the drive home on Friday, Mama Peg called to tell me that my sari had arrived!

Like most fancy blouses, mine has a plain front and an embroidered back. My petticoat is satin instead of cotton--already I felt like a princess!

Even though I know how to put on a sari by myself (okay, with backwards pleats), I let Mama Peg do it whenever possible.

Here we are post-pleating, pre-pallu arranging:

The finished look. I have to dig out my box of old photos to find the 2004 version of this photo--high school me in a pale blue sari for the first time.

 A close up of the jacquard and the embroidered peacock.

Friday, March 25, 2011

First Fitting

Tuesday was my first dress fitting. Mom, Emily, Mama Peg, Heidi, and I all descended upon David's Bridal to watch women poke me with pins. This was Mama Peg and Heidi's first time seeing my dress.

Emily was official photographer of the afternoon.

It only took three David's employees, but we managed to figure out the awesome bustle that Chrissy showed me when I first tried on the dress.

It got a little awkward towards the end ("Everyone! Stare at me! Stare at meeeeee!") but I had a lot of fun. After the fitting, the five of us went for coffee--and I always love hanging out with my moms and sisters.