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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's getting really real

Since we got engaged, Jay, our parents, and I have all been teasing each other by asking "so, does it feel real?" after we do something wedding-related. Buying my dress was when it started to feel real for me, and for Jay, the "real moment" was when we started playing with the scanning gun at Target.

But, with 15 days to go, things got really real when we went to apply for our marriage license.

And yes, I was feeling lame enough to insist on this photo.
As a side note, our county courthouse is really beautiful. I made Jay head up all the way up to the top floor to look at the architecture and artwork.

The Forge of Vulcan, aka Youngstown Steel Mills.

Lanternman's Mill
The rotunda is decorated with the names of the municipalities in the county.
Sadly, we didn't have a legit reason to wander into any of the courtrooms, where there are murals of different places around the county.

Yesterday morning, with our five-day waiting period officially over, Jay went back and picked up our license packet.
Thanks, Judge Belinky!

We had needed our birth certificates to get the license, and I always get a good laugh out of comparing them. Because Jay was born in India, most of his is devoted to proving his parents' citizenship--and it's signed by the Vice Consul!

I'm just relieved that tomorrow we can hand our packet off to Fr. Maturi and ensure that our marriage is well and truly legit.